The triumphant return of Lena Philipsson

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‘Twas the night that Lena Philipsson’s music made a very welcome return to Swedish television last night. Swedes were treated to two live performances from her during Melodifestivalen, and a turn on the QX Gay Gala also.

The QX Gay Gala took place on Monday night and was televised after Melodifestivalen last night, over on TV4. Another reason why we love Sweden so much – the annual gay gala is considered Saturday night prime time material for terrestrial television! At the gay gala on Monday, she performed her brand new single, ‘Idiot’. Full length, live, and backed by four dancers, and then later joined by a host of gays and trannies. OUR kind of entertainment, thank you very much!

What a woman!

And at Melodifestivalen, she opened last night’s show with a shorter performance of ‘Idiot’. Again looking fabulous and proving to everybody that she could easily win the whole contest again, if she so wanted to! However, it was her interval act performance which really got attention, and thoroughly deserved it! For the intermission, she brought us a new take on her biggest hit, ‘Dansa I Neon’. It was transformed into a hard rock number, and translated into English – ‘Dancing In The Neon Light’, featurning rock outfit Dead By April. Now of course, normally we wretch at anything remotely hard or rock – but this was absolutely immense! An amazing song, given a new and totally fitting arrangement. And that’s before you get to the performance itself – Lena Ph staggering around the stage, crawling on her knees, lying flat on her back, ACTUAL CROWD SURFING, and generally giving off the kind of attitude that only huge stars can get away with. Naturally, she wore it very well. Watching it is a full reminder of why you love this woman so much!

‘Dancing In The Neon Light’ was released in studio version format on Swedish iTunes straight after the show, and is already up to number 2, behind only Lady GaGa. SUCCESS!

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