We Keep On Rockin’

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07s36 Alcazar

‘Twas with a heavy heart on Saturday night we sauntered along to Stockholm Pride’s evening of musical entertainment. For at the end of those first five hours of performances, we knew what was going to come – what will be Alcazar’s last gig for quite some time.

They’ll be back of course, but not for a while. But they certainly made sure of one thing – that we would all realise just how much we’re going to miss them.
Into a 45 minute set, they packed in all of their hits. The choreography was super fast, and ultra tight. The vocals were without flaw. And the songs themselves sounded better than ever. They went out with a snappy summary of everything that made us fall in love with them over their ten years in the cerise pink spotlight! Words truly don’t do any justice to how fabulous they were on Saturday night.

As for the fact that they’re taking a break, well we think it’s a positive thing. As things were going in the last year or so, Alcazar were getting less and less appreciated. As criminal as that is, it’s true. People had got very used to having them around, and they were at risk of becoming undervalued to the point of damage. Any future Melodifestivalen appearance from the group wouldn’t have had the same shine attached to it as before. And inevitably, they would have become even more parched of a hit than they ever had been before. To say that they’re going on an extended break is a good thing. It means that when they do come back (and they WILL come back), a new Alcazar single is going to be exciting. Alcazar’s return to Melodifestivalen is going to be a proper event. And on a mundane financial level, they’re going to be able to start charging a lot more for gigs and appearances again. This is their careers, after all. We’ll miss them, but they’ve got to do this.

With the break, they’ve paved the way for a big comeback, and they’ve saved themselves from having to peer into possible stagnation. And with Saturday night’s gig, they’ve got people cursing themselves for ever taking advantage of them, and already longing for their return!

One Alcazar fan was present on Saturday night, and captured the whole gig on their mobile phone. The quality of the footage is low to medium, but it’s all below should you wish to follow the links and view it for yourself. Another person captured the opening number in quite good quality though, their Dream Beats collab, ‘Feel For You’, which you can watch below the links.

Stay The Night
We Keep On Rockin’
Crying At The Discotheque
Don’t You Want Me
Not A Sinner, Nor A Saint
This Is The World We Live In
Sexual Guarantee/Start The Fire

QX Magazine also got some pretty good shots of Saturday evening’s concert.

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