Virpi Kätkä: ‘Muistako Sä Discon Sen’

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We all know and agree on what the greatest Finnish Eurovision song of all time is, right?……

And we all know the tune that started it all off for one of the greatest pop bands of all time……

That’s two very large doses of a certain kind of fabulous right there. And now the two have been combined into one super saccharine serving of splendor! Virpi Kätkä, the blonde piece from CatCat released a solo album in Finland last year – ’Reloaded’. It’s dance remixes of old classics, and indeed one song she has chosen to reimagine/rape (delete as applicable to your own taste threshold!) is Alcazar’s ‘Crying At The Discotheque’. A Finnish language version at that. Naturally we love it. Somehow, she’s managed to do a 2010 remix of a song from 2001 – yet make it sound far more dated than the original! That’s quite a feat, one which we think deserves applauding! Her version sounds like it was produced in the 90’s – on a budget. Our favourite part is the rave synths in the post chorus (during the ‘’I saw you crying, I saw you crying at the discotheque’’ bit). If you’re in the right frame of mind for it, this is amazing;

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