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This week’s guest Spotify playlister for scandipop is Ola. We do love Ola.

It’s been a bit of a busy month so far for the periodically platinum blonde pop gent, what with ‘All Over The World’ finally getting a release literally all over the world. Last week the Yanks got their chance to have their way with him when the single was released in the US via Ultra Records. And on Sunday, ‘All Over The World’ was made available in the UK via the record label 3Beat, after months of being a weekly staple on Radio 1’s Friday night playlist. Oooh and look, speak of the devil – here it is on iTunes!

What’s Ola’s take on all of this? Well as it happens, he says; “I’m really happy to have this international interest and so grateful to be working with companies such as Ultra Records and 3Beat. The most important thing for me in choosing international labels was to find people who would let me grow and develop in the direction that is inspiring and natural for me, and I feel that Ultra and 3Beat will allow me to do that”.

On top of all this, he’s also been hard at work back in his native Sweden, crafting some new tunes for all of us.

So Christ knows how the chap ever finds time to party – however the Spotify playlist he has submitted to us is his very own pre-party playlist. The music he consumes to get him in the right mood for that much needed night out. He’s gone for mixture of Scandinavian cool such as Teddybears, Robyn, and Veronica Maggio; the modern day soul sounds of Adele and Cee Lo Green; and some infectious r&b pop from the likes of Nicki Minaj, and Outkast. And a little more in between.

You can listen to Ola’s playlist here, check out our earlier guest playlisters here, and browse his tracklisting in the comments section below.

And while you’re at it, you might as well buy his single here!

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