What’s this? Following on from the gargantuan hit that was ‘I Wanna Know‘, Swedish duo NOTD (that’s Samuel Brandt and Tobias Danielsson) are back with a brand new single. ‘Been There Done That’ – the video for which they released last night.
And they’ve roped in one of the best Tove’s ever, to feature on it! AND her vocal delivery on it suits their style of production  and songwriting brilliantly. The song sounds like it was written for her voice. And so if she ever gets tired of this Tove Styrke lark, we’re sure there’ll be a place for her in NOTD.
Steady on. We don’t want that to happen either, we’re just saying. Genius pairing.
Written by? The NOTD boys themselves, along with Jakob Hazell, Kennedi Lykken, and Svante Halldin.

You can find ‘Been There Done That’ on our Best New Dance playlist.

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