(photo: Trygve Inderlid)

What’s this? Norwegian artist Una Sand is back with a brand-new single – ‘Afford My Love’.
How much does it take to afford it?You can’t“, she’s very clear about that in this song.
What’s it like? A funked-up bit of disco-pop that goes fabulously hard on the sass.
What does she say? “Have you ever had that ex you kept hooking up with or been in a situation where you know something isn’t good for you, but still you keep longing for it? Well, that’s what this song is all about! Also, I must say it felt very refreshing and nice to create something a bit more energetic and playful in these times. We need all the
positive energy we can get, and I hope this song can contribute to giving people an inspiration to dance, sing, work out, go jogging or whatever makes them happier!”
Written by? Una herself, along with Suzana Marie Costa Johansen and Vegard Hurum.
More from Una? At the end of last year she released the astonishingly beautiful ‘A Little Less Lonely‘.

You can find ‘Afford My Love’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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