What’s this? The music video for the latest single from Swedish artist ISA. ‘Walk Like Jesus’.
What’s it like? A punchy anthem that leaves a large impression on first listen, despite its concise, 2:12 duration. The production on it offers up a dazzling array of different influences – all rooted in r&b, but managing to avoid sounding like anything else in that genre that’s out there right now.
What does ISA say?‘Walk Like Jesus’ is about pushing your boundaries and going your own way. Sometimes overthinking can hold you back from daring to explore new things, that you even would find unachievable. To walk like Jesus is a metaphor for doing the unexpected, to walk on water when everybody else is burning bridges, stopping both themselves and you from developing and challenging yourself“.
Written by? Written and produced by ISA herself, with co-production from Albin Tengblad.
More from ISA? A couple of months back she released the excellent ‘Gravity‘.

You can find ‘Walk Like Jesus’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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