What’s this? Norwegian artist Annie has released the music video for her latest single – ‘The Streets Where I Belong’.
What happens in it? The video is a touching tribute to “the love of my life“, who is unfortunately no longer with us.
And suddenly the song becomes all the more devastating. Indeed. Probably the best of the new Annie tracks we’ve had, which is no faint praise. This one serves us a tale of nostalgia and a theme of looking back. A story told to us via an engaging melody, a vocal that commands attention, and a production that sets the tone brilliantly. And when you watch the video, each element is heightened.
Written by? Annie herself, along with Jonas Pettersson and Stefan Storm. Produced by Stefan Storm and Pete Hofmann.
More from Annie? Check out ‘American Cars‘, ‘Dark Hearts‘ and ‘The Bomb‘, all to be released on the ‘Dark Hearts’ album, out October 16th.
Even more from Annie? Please? On Friday we got treated to a remix of  ‘The Streets Where I Belong’ – the F9 remix.
F9? One half of the former production and remix duo Freemasons.
What has he done with the song? Turned it into a relentless banger of some euphoric proportions. This remix packs some absolute majesty.

You can find ‘The Streets Where I Belong’ on our Best New Synthpop playlist. And the F9 remix on our Best New Dance playlist.

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