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Rosanna has unveiled the video for her debut UK single, ‘Waterfall’. And finally, the song has properly clicked with us. We liked it before, a lot. But at the back of our minds we guess we always had that niggling disappointment that it wasn’t her other song, ‘Gameboy’. But actually, ‘Waterfall’ might well be as amazing as ‘Gameboy’. It’s got this anthemic, atmospheric quality to it that’s making us want to play it again and again. It’s absolutely beautiful!

And the video does a video’s job of making the song sound even better. We don’t know HOW videos do that. But sometimes, a song that you just liked before, can really start to work for you when you see that it’s been given a video treatment. It’s odd! How many times have you liked an album track for ages, then it’s announced as a single, gets a video, and suddenly it just seems so much better!

ANYWAY, here’s a beautiful video to match a beautiful song sung by a beautiful girl.

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