Love Made Her Brilliant!

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So, we’ve had a few weeks now to get used to the new Elin Lanto single ‘Love Made Me Stupid’. And we’ve become mildly obsessed with it, especially since the video premiered online earlier in the week. The video completely epitomises all that is great about the track’s meaning and its lyrics. Pop music, particularly Scandinavian pop music, doesn’t need to have a deep meaning for it to be enjoyable. And the video can be just as nonsense. But ‘Love Made Me Stupid’ has been made all the better because of its totally relatable and familiar theme.

The song is all about Elin’s lament that she’s completely lost her mind because she’s so consumed with love – ‘’I’ve lost my friends because of you, I’ve got no money because of you, I’ve lost my IQ because of you’’. And the video captures this fantastically. It features a desolate, lonely Elin in various states of despair. The imagery is beautiful too. It’s a depiction of the dangers of love, being so in love that you forget, and ultimately lose yourself.

And it’s fucking CHOON to boot too!

The last ten seconds of the video are our favourite;

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