INTRODUCING: Super Fëmmes – ‘Everybody’s Free’

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Who? WELL! Meet Super Fëmmes. A brand-new Swedish supergroup.
What’s so super about them? They’re icons. They’re legends. They are the moment. Well – they *were* the moment, once upon a time. But they’re back and hoping to be the moment once again.
And who are they? ’90s Swedish pop and dance stalwarts Emilia Mitiku, Therese ‘Drömhus’ Grankvist, Denise ‘DeDe’ Lopez, and Mia Schotte & Josefine Willers from the duo Miio.
What are they out with? They’ve launched with a BANG! Or rather, a banger. Setting the tone for their schtick by taking it right back to the ’90s from whence they came – via a cover of the ’90s club classic by Rozalla, ‘Everybody’s Free’.
What’s it like? It’s a fabulous cover. It’s euphoric dance, and they all sound marvellous on it. Reminding us all of precisely why they are considered icons in the first place.

You can find ‘Everybody’s Free’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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