VIDEO: Donkeyboy – ‘Kentucky’

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Excuse me, what? Donkeyboy are back, 12 years after their breakthrough hit ‘Ambitions’. On Friday they released their new single, which is something of a comeback for them. And now we also have the suitably smooth accompanying music video. ‘Kentucky’.
What’s it like? It’s the prime pop music to which you had once upon a time become accustomed to hearing from these Norwegian legends. This time around they’ve brought a Western twang along with them, to great effect. Though don’t get too comfortable with that deceptively upbeat tone – there’s some serious pathos in them there lyrics. Hammered home in the outro, in case you managed to escape it before then. Thanks, lads.
What do Donkeyboy say?There is no doubt that Donkeyboy over the years has gone through many phases. Back in 2005, we met several times a week in the basement of Kent and Cato’s home to play indie rock together. Little did we know at the time that in a few years we would be in the business of pure pop music. Even less did we know that in 2021 we would don western clothes, learn how to line dance, and release a country-pop song. But now that we have arrived here, it feels incredibly good!
Written by? The band’s Cato Sundberg and Kent Sundberg.

You can find ‘Kentucky’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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