What’s this? Romania held their national selection for Eurovision last night, and one of their interval acts was a Loreen performance.
Ooooh, what did she perform? Not just a single track, but an entire 22-minute concert featuring five of her hits – ‘Statements’, ‘My Heart Is Refusing Me’, ‘Paper Light’, ‘We Got The Power’ and ‘Euphoria’.
What, like, as in the actual songs and not re-works of them? Yep! The original melodies and everything!
So she chose to perform – whatever that was – at the Melodifestivalen Hall of Fame launch on Saturday night, which was supposed to celebrate the history of the contest, and then in Romania on Sunday night she sings her three Melodifestivalen hits and her Eurovision 2013 theme song? Why? Well as the performance last night reminded us, she’s an artist. A star. She does what she does. But yeah, the Saturday night thing was odd and does still feel that way, given the context of the show, the brief for the artists, and the otherwise 100% compliance to that brief. But – last night’s performance more than made up for it. She did not need to go that hard – but she did.
Highlights? Seeing ‘Statements’ go OFF like that, without all of the kitchen-sink staging we got at Melodifestivalen 2017. The full version of ‘Euphoria’, with the album-version intro. The arena chanting her name at various points throughout. Her sense of humour on stage, something we rarely get a glimpse of. And the general reminder that she can knock a performance out like this anytime she chooses to – even if it isn’t her go-to style these days. And did we mention the original melodies?!!!
Lowlights? Well, she could have taken off her coat.

You can all of these gems and the best of her others, on our Loreen STATEMENTS playlist.

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