What’s this? Sweden’s Benjamin Ingrosso came out with his very own Christmas single three years back. Now though, in the wake of his full launch into superstardom, he’s released a new version of it to remind us all that it exists and we should definitely listen to it. Oh, and the song had been geoblocked for the past three years, but his label have now made it available worldwide. Merry Christmas everyone.
What’s new about it? It’s acoustic. But wait – come back! Not dreary guitar acoustic – but rather lush piano acoustic.
Lush. And he’s released a video for it too, which features him playing it at the piano. Surrounded by a lot of fairy lights. Like, a LOT. Again, Merry Christmas everyone.
Written by? Benjamin wrote the song himself, along with Jerker Hansson and Hampus Lindvall.

You can find ‘Home For Christmas’ on our A Scandipop Christmas playlist.



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