What’s this? Last night SVT handed over their now annual Allsångsscenen är Din TV special to the one, the only, the eternal ALCAZAR.
What’s an Allsångsscenen är Din? For one episode of the Allsång på Skansen series every summer, SVT give a whole one hour of broadcast time to one artist performing a whole concert. This year it’s was Alcazar’s turn. And CHRIST did they run with it.
What was it like? It’s easy to forget that this band have been around for a decade and a half – delivering banger after banger despite line-up changes, dips in popularity, and an often crippled Swedish music market. But last night cemented their sometimes overlooked status as Swedish pop legends. Never again should their name be misplaced when you’re asked to list the five biggest and bestest pop bands to hail from Sweden. ABBA? Of course. Ace of Base? Never forget. Roxette? Still embarking on that Joyride. And henceforth we want Alcazar afforded that same status and respect. Ok, maybe not ABBA levels – but y’know. In a mere hour they tore that stage a new one, in an eye-popping and ear-pleasing tsunami (FYI their band name before they decided on Alcazar – Tsunami!!!) of silver sequinned disco. The best of their original songs, some beloved cover versions, and their old trademark of inspired samples. And all performed with what we’ve always believed to be the best element of Alcazar – the fact that they are so clearly having the absolute time of their lives on that stage, and loving every second of it. THAT’S Alcazar. And it’s precisely why anyone watching one of their live shows gets to enjoy it so much. They sing, they dance, they entertain. And there aren’t many acts around the world that do it better.
Blimey. Check out THIS for a setlist;

This Is The World We Live In/Upside Down (with Petra Marklund)
Sexual Guarantee/ Start The Fire
Never Can Say Goodbye
Don’t You Want Me (with Kristin Amparo)
Not A Sinner, Nor A Saint
De Sista Entusiasterna
No More Tears (Enough Is Enough) (with Peter Jöback)
ABBA medley
Blame It On The Disco
Crying At The Discotheque
Stay The Night

Fuck ME. You can watch the whole thing over at SVT’s website. Or stream it below. They also performed new single ‘Young Guns (Go For It)’ earlier on in the show too.


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