Numera!: ‘Varför Gör Du Det Med Honom’

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Well it had to happen at some point. Since Alina Devecerski’s ‘Flytta På Dig’ has been one of the biggest and bestest hits of the year in Sweden, we’ve been waiting for the male vocalled equivalent to arrive. And this week it does, in the form of ‘Varför Gör Du Det Med Honom’ by Numera!

Numera! (exclamation point, artist’s own) are two chaps from Öland in Sweden, Martin Nilsson and Filip Rörström. ‘Varför Gör Du Det Med Honom’ (Why Do You Do It With Him) has all of the same trademarks that made the aforementioned ‘Flytta På Dig’ so amazing. A mental rave up of a production, a chanty vocal, and a catchy phrase that’s gonna resonate from within every Swedish drinking establishment over the next few months. Although we’re not really suggesting that the similarities are intentional, since Martin and Filip have actually been making music together for four years now, they say.

Things seem to be taking off quite quickly. The video has managed to gain just under 5,000 views on YouTube in less than a couple of days, which is very impressive when you consider that these guys have come from nowhere and have less than 500 likes on their Facebook fan page. What’s less impressive is the fact that despite this song clearly being in the midst of “blowing up”, someone somewhere has royally fucked up, as it’s not yet available on either iTunes or Spotify.

Oh well. The song is available to listen to online in all its considerable glory anyway – via its pop vid;


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