Velvet’s Back!

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Since her second album ‘The Queen’ grossly underperformed earlier in the year (sometimes, there is a horrific lack of justice in the world of pop!), she’s been keeping a fairly low profile for the rest of the year. We had assumed that the project had been put to bed. However, it’s now waited until its parents are asleep, crept out of bed, sneaked out of the house, and gone clubbing! Hooray!

And here’s the result;

It’s a new remix of the album’s closing ballad, ‘My Destiny’. It’s official┬áremix title┬áis ”Pitchline UK Edit” – which indicates that it’ll be given a UK release, but we can’t confirm whether that’s the case or not. We’d certainly be surprised if it did – after all, whilst it’s a very good song and an even better remix, it’s still nowhere near as great as some of the other tracks from the album that could have been chosen as a UK single; ‘Take My Body Close’, ‘My Rhythm’, ‘Radio Star’ etc. But we shall see.

We do however, like the remix a lot. Pitchline have given it a more commercial house sound, in the same vein as ‘Take My Body Close’ or ‘Come Into The Night’, even thought the UK seems to be far more susceptible to the kind of electro house that she gave us in ‘My Rhythm’ and ‘Chemistry’. Oh well.

Whatever happens, we were very pleased to hear some new music from Velvet, and we hope that she commences work on her third album very soon.

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