Stilettos: ‘Click Click Click’

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Less than three full days have passed since we last wrote about new Danish girlband on the block, Stilettos. But it’s already time to drastically improve the quality of this website once more, by featuring the girls again!

Today saw the arrival of the video for their debut single, ‘Click Click Click’. Well, we say video . it’s more like a free preview for a soft porn website – although naturally we aren’t complaining. It features the three girls, Josefine, Sapphire, and Marie, launching into a jaw dropping and trouser button popping variety of seductive poses for the benefit of the viewer at home. Given the name of the group and the subject matter of the song, there’s plenty of stiletto adorned legs akimbo action going on. About as subtle as getting DP’d by a pair of six inch heels. A message at the start of the video tells you that it’s sponsored by Philips. Although quite why they’ve chosen to show off the brand’s headphones instead of the useful benefits of their Ladyshave product on the girls, in anyone’s guess….

Based on one video (such as this) and one single (that’s been shamelessly pilfered from a flop British girlband), we are already FULLY onboard with these girls, and await all future audio and visual treats they’re going to bestow upon us. Of which we hope there’ll be many.

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