Vana: ‘Let’s Pretend’

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vana 3080

My oh my, would you look at what treat is being bestowed upon the world next week!

Monday May 16th sees the release of Norwegian model, Vana’s debut single. It’s called ‘Let’s Pretend’, and it’s the thoroughbred spawn from the marriage of our two favourite music genres – pop and dance! Produced by The Insider, it builds and it builds and it builds, from a sophisticated soft trance intro, to Balearic beat backed verses, and a full on pulsating club-tastic chorus! And a catchy chorus at that.

They’ve timed the release perfectly, as it does sound very summer. And to us, part of the charm is that it has shied away from trying to sound like the type of club music that is quite big right now – it sounds nothing like Guetta, Inna, or Red One – and instead has concentrated on being the poppified piece of dance that it wanted to be.

It was team Vana who brought the song to our attention, and with it, they said that we could upload an exclusive stream of it ahead of its release, if we like it. We do like it, so here it is;

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