Sheelah: ‘Psycho’

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Last year, Caracola became Sheelah, when one member left and was replaced by another. Now another member has left and they’re down to two. But they’re keeping the name Sheelah. Far more important though, is the fact that we finally get to hear some new music from them. They’ve made their new song ‘Psycho’ available to listen to online. And THANKFULLY it’s very very good!

sheelah largeIt’s electro music that’s been fused with rock music, and has come out the other end as pop music! Sort of what Elin Lanto’s been doing for her last couple of singles. It’s got a very catchy chorus, some wonderfully ridiculous lyrics (the main line in the song is berating a guy because ”you’re just a poser on the dancefloor”), and a brilliant melody in both the verses and the choruses. And we love the world apart intro and outro. What more could you want from a pop song really?!

We hope the continued line up changes aren’t going to hinder the chances of getting an album from these girls.

You can hear the song here.

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