Turn Up The Base

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article image 064da07240f33399Ever wonder what happened to Ace of Base? Whether or which, we’re going to tell you. They’re coming back. Since November last year they’ve been touring around Scandinavia and Eastern Europe, and they have more gigs coming up to the end of November in Finland, Latvia, and Romania. Not only that, but they will be releasing a new album in 2009 – their first collection of new material since 2002’s underrated ‘Da Capo’ album. According to Ulf, in an interview with Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet last month, this album will have a more electro feel to it. The mind boggles. When asked about the possibilitnof competing in Melodifestivalen, he says that Ace of Base get approached almost every year but turn it down as they feel that anything other than a win, would be a flop. He also comments that Sweden has never had a comfortable relationship with Ace of Base (they’ve never had the success in their native Sweden that they had in the US and UK). Earlier this year, they previewed a new song at one of their gigs called ‘Sparks’, a catchy, euro-dance number that sounded not at all distant from their nineties material. No bad thing.


Nobody expects them to have the success that they had in the nineties (23 million copies of their debut album were sold – a figure that’s only been beaten once since, by Alanis Morrisette), not least the band themselves who’ve previously called such a feat, impossible. And it’s hard to see anyone but the fans, of which there are quite a few admittedly, picking up a new album. However, they’ve proven many times in the 18 years we’ve known them that they can produce radio friendly ditties hummable by anyone and their Mother. There’ll surely be another hit in their heads somewhere. For continental Europe at least.


Oh and Linn, the blonde one who stopped enjoying ‘celebrity’ after the second album and requested that her image be blurred on the artwork of future releases has left the band.

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