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Magnus Carlsson 140Last week we wrote about the 40 track opus that Magnus Carlsson (and again, we’re sure he’ll appreciate it if we use older photos of him) is releasing as his Greatest Hits collection later this month, and we touched upon how fantastic his new single ‘Walking In My Shoes’ sounded. Well we’ve heard the full track now and it’s even better than we imagined. It starts off with a riff ripped straight from September’s ‘Satellites’ and The Tamperer’s ‘Feel It’, then there’s a bell chime, then there’s a soaring backing track to accompany a verse that sees Magnus veer from key to key whilst begging the listener for empathy and understanding. Empathy for what? His struggle to maintain a solo career? His raving homosexuality? The weight gain? The hair loss? For all of the above perhaps. Either way, once the track finishes, Magnus need plead for understanding no more. With ‘Walking In My Shoes’ he has given us one of the best disco songs EVER. We know it’s quite premature to say that and it sounds like a ridiculous claim. But it’s true!


It’s got everything you could ever want from a disco track. Instantly catchy riff? Check. Bells? Check. Synths? Check. Strings? Check. Key change? Check. Comedy baritone backing vocal that comes in at the end? Check. Tortured and then defiant lyrics? Check. Female vocal? Check (this is Magnus after all!). It’s seriously an absolutely stellar song. It’s better than anything Alcazar have ever released, and also exactly what we wanted Alcazar to return with for Melodifestivalen 2009.


magnus tumnagelCongratulations are in order. Hopefully it will give him a massive hit over the festive period in Scandinavia. And while we’re not sure it would ever take off her in the UK, it’ll certainly be played at every scandipop event there is ever going to be. Well done good Sir!

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