Trofast: ‘Vi Hade Allt’

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SoFo Records have just put out this absolute tune and a half. Much to our delight.

It’s got a certain kind of sound that we’ve noticed both Swedish radio and Swedish people are veritably LAPPING UP this summer (there’s another great track of this genre that we’re gonna write about over the next few days too). It consists of a typically Swedish indie rap vocal and melody, placed over a 90’s house centric dance beat. You know the production on Nicki Minaj’s ‘Pound The Alarm’ (be fellow Swede, Carl Falk)? Well it’s like that. Sort of. You’ll know what we mean.

This is a great example of that sound, and just how infectious it can be. It’s also become something of a testiment to said genre’s popularity in Sweden this summer too – in the day or so since it’s release, it’s already shot into the top 5 on iTunes.

The verses take a while to settle in, but the chorus and post-chorus both smack us around the face just how we like (music to).

‘Vi Hade Allt’ (We Had It All) was written and produced by Fredrik Sonefors (the gent behind this amazing track from last year) and Mr Trofast himself, aka Jonas Hammenvik.

We do believe the generous folk at SoFo have gone and released it worldwide too. UK iTunes link below. No, honestly, there’s no need to thank us, we live to give.

Full stream ahead;

Vi Hade Allt - Single - Trofast



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