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Well hello there, exciting new Swedish singer ISA, and your exciting new debut single ‘BOMB’ (capitalisation is artist’s own, not our emphasis on how excited we are about it – although this IS capital levels of excitement, truth be told).

She releases her first album this year, and she’s been working on it with Quiz & Larossi, Ina Wroldsen, and LP. All great names who have come up with super pop tunes in the past. Her Facebook bio says that she’s 14 years old, which makes the above image a tad questionable, but we’ll say nothing.

What we will say however, is that her debut single sounds like it’s going to be a blast.

You can listen to a hefty preview below, and watch some of the video. Just wait til that chorus kicks in. Not to say that the wait isn’t immensely enjoyable in itself, as the verse plays out. But the chorus is really where it’s ‘at’.

We want to hear more. So if you’re reading this, ISA’s people, send us an mp3 please. Although alternatively we will wait like everyone else until June 11th when the single is released and June 25th when the video is premiered.

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