Tove Styrke continues to get it right…

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This Tove Styrke album really is shaping up to be quite incredible indeed. On top of the stunning current single, ‘White Light Moment’, Tove performed another song from the album, ‘High And Low’, live on P3 Radio in Sweden last week. We’re loving the pure eighties synths in the backing track. It’s not even a tribute to the eighties – it actually IS the eighties! And it’s a beautifully understated song. But then the whole album sounds like it’s going to be a pleasant treat, packed with quality songs that we think we’re gonna be listening to for ages to come – although right now, we’re only going by the clips we’ve heard of course, we haven’t heard the full thing. But from what we HAVE heard, it seems like they’ve made all the right choices while determining the sound of this album, and compiling it (aside from the selection of ‘Million Pieces’ as the debut single – we’re still not a fan of that). And it’s meant that she’s definitely one of the most exciting artists to come out of Sweden this year!

The self titled album is released in Sweden this week. But you can listen to clips of each of the tracks here. Below you can hear the full audio of the live ‘High And Low’, and below that you can hear a longer clip of album track ‘Chaos’. And just for good measure, we’d recommend that you take yet another listen to new single ‘White Light Moment’ below that!

CHAOS! TEASER from Sony Music Entertainment Sweden on Vimeo.

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