Well. We say ‘Top 5’. But really, these are the ‘Only 5’ that we’re taking with us from the 2021 series of Så Mycket Bättre 2021, which wrapped over the weekend in Sweden.

It’s fair to say that this season of Så Mycket Bättre hasn’t been the greatest, if you’re a POP fan looking for the more mainstream moments in line with the biggest hits that have come from the show over the past decade. This year’s line-up, with a couple of exceptions of course, was largely made up of a more indie and alternative selection of artists. And so the resulting covers of each other’s songs has played out more like a showcase of ‘real music’ sensibilities, mostly eschewing the feel-good bops or the grandiose ballads.

Still, there were a few songs – five in total – that caught our attention and have made it onto our Best Of Så Mycket Bättre playlist, which encompasses all our highlights from the various seasons of the show. Amongst them, we have a kitsch take on Arvingarna’s Melodifestivalen winner, a dansband-ified Gustaf & Viktor Norén hit, and a strikingly beautiful version of Peter Jöback’s most iconic number.

You can find all of the songs that were released during this series, on Spotify’s official playlist for the 2021 show. But if you want our advice – skip straight to these five:

05:  Cherrie interprets Arvingarna’s ‘I Do’

04: Gustaf & Viktor Norén interpret Peter Jöback’s ‘Guldet Blev Till Sand’

03: Arvingarna interpret Gustaf & Viktor Norén’s ‘Rise Again’, renaming it ‘Soluppgång’

02: Maxida Märak interprets Arvingarna’s ‘Eloise’

01: Cherrie interprets Peter Jöback’s ‘Stockholm i Natt’

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