Tooji: ‘If It Wasn’t For You’

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Tooji, bless his dear heart, has today released a brand single, the follow-up to his Eurovision conquering hit ‘Stay’ (it made the final, SHUT UP).

It’s called ‘If It Wasn’t For You’ and it’s a tribute to his Mother. *weeps*

As you would expect (and hope) from a tribute to one’s Mother, it’s a heart felt ballad, as opposed to the bass heavy club flavour of ‘Stay’. It’s melodically brilliant, lyrically sweet, and it has a fantastic production to it. A ballad with some pretty massive beats. The whole thing is very charming and we think we’re a little bit in love with it already – we don’t want to rush things at such an early stage, but it just feels right, y’know? This isn’t what we thought we wanted as a follow-up to ‘Stay’, and it’s fair to say that he’s taken quite a risk with it. But it’s definitely paid off.

We love Tooji though and we will forever support him on here thanks to this moment from last month.

Oh, and FYI – he’s gone and made ‘If It Wasn’t For You’ available outside of Norway too.

If It Wasn´t For You - Single - Tooji



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