The Fooo: ‘Whistle’

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It is mere DAYS until The Fooo release their debut album ‘Off The Grid’. And today Sweden’s premier boyband unveiled (we love it when that word is used to describe new music being plonked online – it makes the release seem so grand!) another new song from it. It’s called ‘Whistle’, and of course it’s ace.

‘Whistle’ is a bizarre hybrid of guitar pop, r&b pop, and tween pop. A rapped verse on which they actually sound quite authentically urban (!), a big boyband chorus, and as the title suggests – a hell of a lot of whistling throughout the whole song.

On first listen it’s a tad WTF, but come back to it a second time and it falls into place. All two minutes and thirty three seconds of it.

The ‘Off The Grid’ album comes out on April 2nd in Sweden. But you can pick it up on CD from our store and we’ll ship it out to you wherever you are in the world.

Here’s ‘Whistle’;

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