TiLLy: ‘Ctrl Alt Del’

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This is exciting. An up-and-coming Swedish lady who has already gotten her head around how to make a good electropop song. That usually tends to end quite well, we’ve found!

Meet TiLLy, and more specifically her new single and video ‘Ctrl Alt Del’. A song that starts off as an atmospheric ballad, but one that threatens to blow up imminently – with TiLLy herself delivering the verse with a knowing smirk shaping the vocal that she sings. What follows is an emotionally wrought song, culminating in a break-it-all-down-for-you middle eight in which she crushes the subject of her emotions with words. And a dubstep-esque break. We could barely deal with it. But we went right back for a second listen straight away.

Here’s ‘Ctrl Alt Del’;

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