They Are The Remixes…

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Remember Le Kid’s ‘We Are The Drums‘ single that came out in early September just ahead of their album, ‘Oh Alright‘? Well it’s been remixed. Twice. By two very different and very ace remixers – SoundFactory and Fear of Tigers.

The news that SoundFactory had gotten his prolific paws upon another Le Kid track, was LITERALLY music to our ears. His remix of their ‘Oh My God’ is still one of our favourite mixes of the year, and still Gives Us Life at least once a week. With ‘We Are The Drums’ SoundFactory has gone down a slightly less pop remix route, and chosen to delve deeper into house territory, where he sometimes feels and sounds more comfortable. This one’s got plenty of peak time friendly synth stabs – you can almost feel the UV lazers thaw your skin as you step into the club at 1am on a frosty Stockholm October Sunday morning!

If the SoundFactory remix heats ‘We Are The Drums’ up to a clubland fireball floorfiller, then the Fear of Tigers remix chills the song down to an exercise in some effortless electrocool. They’ve created a track that pays homage to some serious¬†psychedelia, turning the song into less of an agressive chant, and more of a passive acceptance – “we are the drums………“. It’s Le Kid’s latest flirtation with that more image conscious listener who knows deep down that they love Le Kid, but are too pretentious to be caught listening to an album with THAT artwork. A final nonchalant tease that if you’re that pathetic to turn your back on music this good, then “na-na-na-na-na” to you.

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