Therese: ‘Remedy’

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What better way to start off the weekend than with a brand new single from Swedish dance deity, Therese?!

It’s been a year, A WHOLE YEAR, since her last single in Sweden, ‘Drop It Like It’s Hot’. Although we can hardly complain, since that one single alone housed so many levels and layers of amazingness, that it could easily have kept us going for even longer. And thankfully it looks like the UK is starting to share our enthusiasm for the song too – it’s now been released as a single there, and has been pummeling an ascent up the UK club charts, where it reached a new peak of number 2 yesterday.

Anyway, back to the new, back to ‘Remedy’. Therese has given a listen to it in full, and allowed us to pop an exclusive preview up here for you to listen to until its release next month. And here it is;

[audio:|titles=remedy snippet]

Short. But very sweet!

She’s staying true to her electro house self for this one, but she’s also letting her former pop diva back in for the ride this time! The great thing about ‘Remedy’ is that while ‘Drop It Like It’s Hot’ was a massive WTF moment to some, ‘Remedy’ is a much more universal dance track. It’s the most commercial song she’s done in quite some time. So while ‘Drop It Like It’s Hot’ causes the footsteps to halt, the eyes to widen and the mouth to open, ‘Remedy’ simply works on massaging the passage between the ears and the brain – it’s a much more palatable listening experience. It’s fun! And while her previous single didn’t, and still doesn’t sound like anything else out there – ‘Remedy’ is going to find it much easier to fit in with what’s happening right now in clubland.

Also, we have to mention the lyrics. Dance songs, as they go, don’t really need to worry about lyrics a lot of the time, as it’s largely their production and music that makes them popular. So kudos to ‘Remedy’ for incorporating some FIERCE lyrics into its three minutes and twenty eight seconds.

Some choice cuts;

“I wanna feel the heat takin over, I’m looking for some kinda release,
It’s time for me to raise the tempo, total unapologetically free”

“I’m a queen of my own creation, uncontrollable with peace in my mind
I’m a lady of mass destruction, and I need a total fuckin release”

Welcome back Therese!

And the good news is, we won’t have to wait another year for the next installment. This Autumn, she’ll release the first of two EP’s of new music. Superb!

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