The Timoteij Trinity

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The amazing Timoteij appeared on Bingolotto this evening, and treated Swedish television viewers to THREE whole performances.


Both of their Melodifestivalen hits were aired, 2010’s seminal ‘Kom’, and this year’s entry ‘Stormande Hav’. But most excitingly of all, they also performed their new single, the title track of their new album ‘Tabu’. This was exciting for a cacophony of reasons. First of all, it’s the first time they’ve performed it on TV. Second of all, because it’s generally just an incredible piece of music that defies belief. But most of all, because – AND GET THIS – Timoteij finally put down their instruments and do a full-on choreographed dance routine! Well, three of them do. Bodil keeps her accordion, what with it being such an accordion heavy track – they must keep it real. The whole things is as awe inspiring as you would hope and expect. The world’s most attractive girlband coming out from behind those instruments and revealing some fancy footwork. And armwork. And legwork. And don’t get us started on the powerhouse of hair flicking, with all of that long and luscious blonde hair flying all over the stage.

It’s a proper WOW moment.

It’s not just us, is it?….

The whole episode of Bingolotto is streaming below. But you can skip to the following points for those Timoteij moments;

11:02 – Tabu
39:38 – Stormande Hav
56:34 – Kom

The girls’ new album ‘Tabu’ this week climbed up to number 3 on the Swedish albums chart, on its second week in the chart. And deservedly so – it’s up there as our top album of the year so far. Folks from outside of Sweden can pick up the CD from our online store here.

Tabu - Timoteij



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