Today’s preview from ‘Saade Vol.2’ is ‘Rocket Science’. It’s a song composed by the album’s regular trinity of songwriters Eric Saade, Jason Gill, and J-Son – although for this one, they also brought in Salem Al Fakir (pictured with Eric to your right). We didn’t imagine back in March 2010 when Salem and Eric ended up first and second runners-up in the Melodifestivalen final, that they might one day work together on a song. But here it is! It’s one of the album’s mellower moments. Beats are still prominent in the song, but they’re more urban than dance. It’s also one of the record’s more interestingly structured choruses. Definitely a bit of variation for the album.

Rocket Science
(Jason Gill/ Julimar Santos/ Salem Al Fakir/ Eric Saade)
Produced by Jason Gill

[audio:|titles=02 ROCKET SCIENCE CLIP]

‘Saade Vol.2’ is released on Wednesday, November 30th. You can listen to our earlier song previews here.

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