Eurovision 2013: Heat 3 of Norway’s Melodi Grand Prix: The songs!

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This Saturday it’s the third and final heat of Norway’s Melodi Grand Prix, before next week’s grand final to decide the winner, and the song which will go on to represent Norway at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest.

After two weeks, it looks like Margaret Berger’s ‘I Feed You My Love‘ is the frontrunner to win. And if anything is going to beat her, it’ll be one of the songs from this weekend.

And here they are;

Gothminister – ‘Utopia’
Tekst/melodi: Bjørn Alexander Brem

Adelén – ‘Bombo’
Tekst/melodi: Ina Wroldsen og Quiz & Larossi

Lucky Lips – ‘Sweet and Heavy’
Tekst/melodi: Malin Pettersen

Gaute Ormåsen – ‘Awake’
Tekst: Fredrik Borgen
Melodi: Gaute Ormåsen og Jesper Borgen

Anina – ‘The Young’
Tekst/melodi: Anine Stang, Mattias Frändä og Johan Åsgärde

Winta – ‘Not Afraid’
Tekst: Winta og Beyond 51
Melodi: Beyond 51

Sirkus Eliassen – ‘I Love You Te Quiero’
Tekst: Magnus Eliassen og Erik Eliassen
Melodi: Magnus Eliassen

Listen to all seven songs here (via Spotify, WiMP or iTunes – all internationally).

On the list it’s pleasing to see both Anina and Winta whom we’ve written about on the site before. Anina has a catchy, pop-rock track with a great chorus. Winta has brought with her a dancepop track – nothing too revolutionary unfortunately, but at the very least good. The other great song in the line-up (along with Anina) comes courtesy of Adelén, with a tribal, continental dancepop number. It sounds like a holiday resort hit, and it’s very instant. And it comes from Ina Wroldsen and Quiz & Larossi, who are three of our favourite Scandipop songwriters.

Adelén deserves to qualify for sure, but she may well be cancelled out by the far inferior but far more popular Sirkus Eliassen who have also brought with them a holiday resort pastiche. There’s is more Sean Banan than Alexandra Stan though – so watch them sail through to the heat as poor Adelén gets left behind in her semi – such is the way of the Norwegian televoter.

We’re throwing our full weight behind Anina (pictured above) on Saturday. Check out her lyric video for ‘The Young’.


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