The ‘Saade’ album previews – Day 7: ‘Made Of Pop’

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Only two more days to go until the album is released, so on we pop with a brand new song preview;

’Made Of Pop’
Music & Lyrics: Jason Gill/Robert Fredriksson/Mattias Larsson/Eric Saade
Produced by: Jason Gill

So after a couple of weeks of living with the album, we’ve finally landed on the fact that this song is our favourite of the new tracks (it’s too early to decide if we prefer any of them to ‘Popular’ yet!). The production, the verses, the chorus, the post-chorus, the middle eight – it’s an absolute belter of a song. And lyrically, it’s the embodiment of what Eric Saade is doing with this album – staking his claim as a new Prince of international pop.

One lyric in particular, we probably don’t have to highlight, as it WILL scream louder at you than any other line in any song on this record. But here goes, anyway;

*clears throat*

“Got my degree in the big P.O.P.”

Your thoughts on this line will probably depend on your feelings about Mr Saade himself. But even if you’re a fan, it still might just be a little difficult to swallow. When we first heard it, we did think that it might well be awful. Or at the very least, ridiculous – in a bad way! But actually, after a lengthy digestion (and it does need digesting, and within the context of the whole album especially), we’ve come to realise that it’s actually amazing. It’s brilliant. It’s fantastic. And it’s still ridiculous – but in a very good way.

And it’s our new motto. In life. In everything. We’re stealing it!

‘Saade Vol.1’ is released on June 29th, and you can listen to earlier album clips here.

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