New September sounds!

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The season’s darling of Swedish pop, September, dropped into the Mix Megapol radio studios in Stockholm this week to have a chat about her intensely massive success over these last few weeks (4 weeks at number 1 for ‘Mikrofonkåt’ now, while ‘Kärlekens Tunga’ moves up to number 6), and also to sing them a Christmas song. And we were delighted that she chose one of our favourites to sing, the absolute classic ‘The Christmas Song’ – chestnuts roasting on an open fire etc etc! You can watch Mix Megapol’s recording of the song below.

On top of this, followed her into the recording studio last month while she was recording with the amazing Niklas Bergwall (one half of former 2N Productions, along with Niclas Kings, who were responsible for most of Kate Ryan’s greatness). She was recording a new track for her new album ‘Love CPR’. It’s called ‘Breathe With Me’, and you can listen to various bits of it throughout the video clip at this link here. It’s an electro dance number that sounds like it’s going to have anthemically good melody to it. Granted, we’re only getting that from a small clip, but that’s usually all it takes for us to get excited about something! You can also see some more images from the recording session at this blog here.

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