The return of Leila K!

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Yep, she’s back!

She’s popped up as the vocalist on a new electro track from Wallenberg (Swedish producer, club promoter, and general scene icon, Petter Wallenberg), ‘Legendary’. Christ knows where he found her! If you don’t already know the story of Leila K, then her wikipedia page will fill you in. But in a nutshell – big in the 80’s, even bigger in the early 90’s, controversially mental in the late 90’s, and reported to be homeless in the early 00’s.

Getting her on this ‘Legendary’ track is a stroke of genius though. Not just because of the interest it’ll attract from certain circles, but also because it’s only right to have a 90’s legend on a track which so heavily pays homage to 90’s music. It’s a little bit electro, a little bit funk, and a little bit pop. And it features Leila K mouthing off some apt lyrics in an arrogant tone about her being legendary and how you’re not. Which is fabulous on paper alone, never mind set to record!


You can hear the track in full below, DOWNLOAD IT FOR FREE HERE, buy it in Sweden on May 30th, and look forward to its forthcoming parent album from Wallenberg, ‘Legends’!

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