And the next Robyn single is……

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……the amazing ‘Call Your Girlfriend’!

Yes, it could have been the amazing ‘Time Machine’, the amazing ‘Stars 4 Ever’, or the amazing anything-else-from-‘Body Talk’. But it’s the amazing ‘Call Your Girlfriend’. We’re looking forward to seeing what the reaction is to this song outside of Robyn’s core fanbase. WE know it’s great. But will they? It’s fair to say that ‘Indestructible’ underperformed somewhat as a single outside of Scandinavia, so we hope that ‘Call Your Girlfriend’ can inject some new fortune into the undeniably incredible ‘Body Talk’ album from her.

Although how strange will it be if she then moves on from this project, leaving ‘Time Machine’ to forever remain as an unreleased album track gem?!

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