The Nexx Single!

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Swedish supergroup Nexx are back with a new single in Sweden. And after a THIRTY week residency on the Swedish dance charts with their last single ‘Synchronize Lips’, it sounds like Nexx have decided that clubland is their new home. As a result, their new single pushes them even further on to the dancefloor, and is a complete club ‘banger’, as is the term these days. It’s a remix of one of their hits in Poland (Nexx were successful in parts of Eastern Europe before launching themselves in their native Sweden). The hit in question is ‘Paralyzed (Nexx To Me)’. And the remix in question is by DJ Andi.

We love ‘Paralyzed (Nexx To Me)’ for its pure delightful chorus. Catchier than the cold that it looks like Johanna will get if she goes out wearing those clothes she has on in the video!

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