The new Infernal album!

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Here’s the tracklisting and the quite frankly amazing artwork for the new Infernal album. It’s called ‘Fall From Grace’ and is released on September 27th. And judging by the title and the cover, it looks like they’ve gone back to their pre-Paris to Berlin roots. The title suggests a step away from the commercial, and that cover – well, it suggests a lot of things! But what we’re seeing most in it is a full force, balls out, celebration of losing it on a dancefloor. We can’t WAIT to hear it!

Infernal Fall from GraceFall from Grace
Biting the Bullet
Love Is All…
Weird How You…
Alone, Together
The Weekend and I
Plastic Fantastic
Club Erotic
Think Cavalli, Baby

How brilliant a song title is ‘The Weekend and I’?!

If you haven’t yet heard the lead single, or seen its video – be awestruck at the below!

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