Elin Lanto’s ‘Funeral’ ends up in 7th Heaven…

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‘Funeral’, track 2 on ‘Love Made Me Do It’, the brilliant album by Elin Lanto, was undoubtedly our absolute favourite song of last year. And one year later, it’s gone on to lodge itself a firm place within our top five favourite songs of all time. Seriously. It’s just incredible.

And just as unbelievable as the song is, was the notion that it could only ever remain as an album track, and not be released as a single. But for a very long time, that sadly looked like it was going to be the case. So it was with great joy earlier this year that we heralded the discovery of some evidence to suggest that ‘Funeral’ could well pull off a Lazarus. It transpired that 7th Heaven had produced a remix of it, and posted a clip to their website. We wondered what that could have meant. It was gonna be a single perhaps. And if so, where?

Then it all went quiet. Again.

Now though, the full length 7th Heaven remix of ‘Funeral’ has appeared beyond the grave, and surfaced online. And we’ve now got the opportunity to marvel at the song’s reincarnation. Seven minutes and twenty seconds long, it starts off slightly tame, but very soon turns into the severe club banger we always liked to imagine it could have done. We still prefer the original of course, that’s perfection personified. But this remix is an exhilarating new way to enjoy it. And somehow, her vocals seem even more intense. Which in turn translates into THAT lyric (“no matter if you end up in heaven or in hell, I’ll be dancing on your funeral” having even more shock power. Whereas those words on the album version of the song conjured up the vague image of dancing on a grave, the 7th Heaven remix drags your imagination into murkier depths. This positively awakens a desire to construct a dancefloor on top of said grave, don the fiercest of stilettos, before commencing some hardcore clubbing, downing ridiculous amounts of thick red wine from the altar chalice in the process, and finally slumping down unceremoniously to the sound of Elin’s last gasps as the beat ends!

What’s it all for though?

Well, it IS gonna be a single. In Belgium anyway. If we didn’t already love ARS Productions for their name, we most certainly love them now for the fact that they’ve snapped up ‘Funeral’ to give it a single release. Who knows what tiny ripple this will cause in the poposphere. But for now, we’re just incredibly happy to have the full length 7th Heaven remix to bask in.

So, Elin Lanto’s ‘Funeral’……….it’s not buried yet. For the time being, to quote her second best song, it’s been “reborn at the discotheque”;

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