The new Darin single…

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Oh. My. God.

The new Darin single is incredible! After only one listen we’re absolutely hooked and in love. It’s EPIC!

You might remember last month we saw him perform it live and were bitterly disappointed by how underwhelming it was. But the studio version is absolutely immense! Possibly the best thing he’s ever done. Yes, really! It builds and builds and builds, in a succession of incredible melodies, dramatic deliveries of vocals, huge backing choirs, and lyrics about murder, blood, and death!

We’d write some more about it but we’d rather just listen to it again. And again. And again!

It’s available to buy tomorrow in Sweden, and we’ll be seeing him perform it live tomorrow night again, when he performs it at Allsång På Skansen! And we’ll obviously now be far more enthused about seeing it live as we were last time around!

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