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Basshunter has covered one of our favourite pop songs of the decade on his new album ‘Bass Generation’!

Kaci’s ‘Learn To Love Again’ appeared briefly in the UK a few years back. The video received a bit of rotation on music television and it was discussed, dissected, praised, and ridiculed on various internet music forums. We absolutely loved it and still do. Despite coming out in the mid noughties, it sounded oh so late nineties. We love it when an artist releases a record that sounds like one of our favourite music periods – six years after said period! Kaci’s original was all cheap dance beats, euphoric melodies, and a wailing key change!

142x142 C BASSHUNTER BASS%20GENERATIONSwedish Basshunter’s version brings the song right up to date, takes it to a club for a few vodka and diet cokes, spikes its drink, and watches as it goes a bit mental on the dancefloor! We wouldn’t usually condone such treachery but this is quite brilliant! Vocals are from Stunt, who sang on Sash’s ‘Raindrops’ late last year. The album is out today! It also features ‘Every Morning’, which despite only debuting at number 17 yesterday, managed to sell an impressive tally of units – just short of 13k.

Here’s Kaci’s original;

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