Orion’s New Colours

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We sodding love Orion. The Swedish remixer and producer has been responsible for more than his fair share of musical masterpieces over the last 12 months. And he’s also been kind enough to keep us updated privately with what he’s been up to in the studio. His sound and his style is one of the best there is in Sweden right now.

And today heralds the arrival of two new Orion creations.

First up is his remix of this year’s song for Stockholm Pride, ‘New Colours’ by Janet Leon. It’s an unofficial remix as he did it off his own back. For his Godfather, who is gay. He sent it to us over the weekend for a listen, and we fell for it so badly we wanted to bum it (gay pride, and all that). Then he uploaded it onto his Soundcloud page last night for what he said would be a 24 hour period, to allow people to listen to it. But we’ve managed to persuade him to keep it up there until the end of the weekend – Sunday at midnight. So give it a listen or twelve while you can. It’s a gorgeous remix in his usual dreamy style. The best bit though is at 3:20 when Janet goes from wearily requesting those “new colours” she speaks of, to straight up demanding them all fierce and shit. Gay pride.

Next is his remix of Karl X Johan’s new single ‘Get It All’. More in line with his own singles, he’s remixed it so well that he’s managed to make it sound like it’s an Orion feat. Karl X Johan single. It’s been turned into an emotional wreck of a song. And at over six minutes, that’s quite the experience to go through. But we’d strongly advice that you subject yourself to it.

Janet Leon: ‘New Colours’

Karl X Johan: ‘Get It All’


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