The Medina Video…

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The UK release of Medina’s ‘You & I’ has been given a video. And here it is;

It contains two of our favourite things in the whole world – a handsome gentleman with a full chest of hair, and a fierce girl strutting through the night dressed in her finest clobber, a face full of make up, and a high ponytail. Something for EVERYONE!

Something a bit odd has happened with Medina in Denmark over the last couple of weeks. Her album was released and it’s somewhat underperformed, quite spectacularly actually. Singles wise, she’s had a phenomenal, unprecedented year. ‘Kun For Mig’ was a massive number and has only just left the top 20 after 39 weeks inside! Another track by a rapper called L.O.C., which heavily sampled ‘Kun For Mig’ and called itself ‘Kun For Dig’ was also number one and this week spends its 10th week in the top 20. Her follow up single, ‘Velkommen Til Medina’ was released seven weeks ago and has lodged itself at number one, staying there again this week. So with that track record, you’d expect the album to at least go to number one for a week wouldn’t you? Or even top 3? Top 5? No. Last week it entered the chart at number 6 – one place behind the three month old Greatest Hits album by Aqua – an album full of the songs that you’d expect all Danes to own by now! This week, it’s dipped out of the top 10 altogether, falling to number twelve. Madness! If the utter phenomenon that is ‘Kun For Mig’, followed up by another popular number one single can’t sell the album, what on earth can?!

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