The ‘holiday resort’ anthem is back!

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Remember in the nineties and early noughties, there would always be a couple of cheesy europop songs every summer that became massive hits all over Europe, and even in the UK, thanks to them being played endlessly at holiday hotspots that summer? There hasn’t really been one for quite some time has there? Well Swedish band Baby Alice are entering summer 2010 armed with a track that has all the credentials of said hits of yesteryear. ‘Pina Colada Boy’ contains all of the elements of a classic summer eurotrack; naughty lyrics, a synth faux-reggae bounce mixed with a club friendly beat, some Spanish guitar, and a catchy, singalong melody in both the chorus and the verse. It’s a really fun track and evokes a lot of summer holiday memories, for us anyway!

On the flipside though, is a mix that is much more faithful to Baby Alice’s usual musical output. They aren’t a novelty act after all, and have been releasing dance records for quite a few years now (most notably, the massive ‘Hurricane’ and ‘Mr DJ’). It’s the Candy Crew remix, and it turns the song into a Cascada-lite Scouse-House anthem! The cathy melodies are still intact obviously, and this mix is probably just as commercial as the original version – but caters to those pop/dance fans for whom the original edit is just TOO cheesy.

Both mixes have been floating around for over a year now, but it’s only this summer that the song will be getting a proper push. Still, in the space of a year, the Candy Crew remix has now clocked up over 2 MILLION views on youtube, spread around various ‘videos’ that have been uploaded of the song. So things bode well for this to blow up quite spectacularly this summer! A proper video has been filmed to accompany the release of the single, and should go online some time this month.

In the meantime though, below are the radio edit and the Candy Crew remix;

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