The more we’ve listened to this song over the past couple of weeks, the more it’s turned into one of our favourites on ‘Forgive Me’. It goes a bit unnoticed on the first few listens to the album, tucked away in the middle of the track listing. But if you give it the chance to shine on its own, well shine it bloody well does. That production is amazing. And Eric sounds perhaps even more comfortable singing The Big R.&.B, than he ever did delivering The Big P.O.P. Maybe.

Written by: Jason Gill, Julimar J-Son Santos, Eric Saade
Produced and recorded by: Jason Gill

[audio:|titles=In My Head preview]

And that’s the lot of ’em! Which one has been your favourite? Let us (and Eric) know by commenting below. And now that you’ve heard all of the song previews, keep an eye on the site over the next seven days, where we’ll be publishing our interview with Eric, in which he tells us all about his thoughts on the new album – and a few other things besides.,

Earlier previews can be listened to here.

The ‘Forgive Me’ album is released TOMORROW in Scandinavia. If you live outside of Scandinavia though, you can get it on CD from our store.

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