Maria Montell – ‘Bang Bang Boogie’

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We’re not sure which ingredient of this four minutes of joy makes us like it so much – the song, the video, or the performer. There’s a definite charm to all three, but we reckon the video just about edges it. It’s like being taken right back to the campaign for Emma Bunton’s second album! No bad place to be, we’re sure you’ll agree. It was shot in Cannes and contains every cliché of sixties chic and glamour – and looks all the more incredible for it. Sometimes it’s just nice to sit back and watch something so beautiful (ah – ‘Something So Beautiful’ – a track from Emma Bunton’s second album incidentally!) to accompany a good song. It was probably done on a budget, but looks stylish rather than cheap.

And of the song itself? It’s a pleasant enough number. Sort of like an electronica take on the sixties bossanova sound. It’s delivered in a nonchalant, effortless fashion (fashion being the operative word here) by the Danish Maria Montell. She’s had a lengthy career in Denmark that was at its busiest in the nineties and has been somewhat quiet until the release of ‘Bang Bang Boogie’ a few months back. She’s probably nothing like the diva we see in this video, but it’s nice to imagine that she parades around like that all the time – all smoky eyes, smirking pout, and UV damaged cleavage! More like this from you in the new year please Maria!

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