Three hot new Swedish house tracks have popped up online recently. Each one a veritable banger with a male vocal.

The songs come courtesy of three young Swedish chaps – Andreas Moe (that handsome fellow pictured above), Alesso, and Avicii. Each a collaborative effort with another, non Swedish gent.

We’ve cropped them all together into the same post because the three go so well and so hand in hand (in hand). And because we’d only run the risk of repeating ourselves if we gave them three separate posts. They’re all very much of the same ilk these lot. It’s a similar kind of house music done exceptionally well, and with a smooth male vocal placed over the top.

Three more big hitters of the genre that fuel the fires of the fact that behind every good dance tune, there’s a talented Swede!

Norman Doray feat. Andreas Moe: ‘Cracks’

Alesso feat. Matthew Koma: ‘Years’

Eric Turner vs Avicii: ‘Dancing In My Head’


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