Jara: ‘Hope’

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A free download from an exciting new Icelandic pop lady who is about to release her first solo album.

‘Hope’ is the first single to be taken from the album that she’ll be releasing later this year. “A multi genre bastard of an album“, as she calls it.

The song is a funny one. Very interesting, and instantly captivating. And while you don’t quite know what’s going on, the sounds encourage you to delve into it more to find out, rather than putting you off. As such, it’s a difficult track to describe. So we asked Jara to do it for us!

In this song I am singing about opposites. Darkness and light, love and fear, hope and despair. So I wanted the music to reflect that, but in a super positive pop manner because it is essentially about hope“, she says. We also asked her to sum up her sound in general, on this forthcoming album. “I suffer from a severe case of genre-blindness but one possible way to describe it could be esoteric horror pop“. Amazing.

You can download ‘Hope’ for free here.

When we asked her why she was giving it away for free, her answer was this: “I am just really happy that my album is finally just a couple of days from being born. It´s taken such along time that I´ve been feeling like a pregnant woman, long overdue, for too long and now that It´s finally seeing the light of day I just want to share it with everyone. And besides, shouldn´t ‘Hope’ be free? 🙂“. A good answer there, wrapping everything up at the end.

As is often the tradition with Icelandic pop ladies, Jara comes off as being a little bit mental – both in her music and in her state of mind when she’s conversing with you. But charmingly so, of course. And straight away, we’re very intrigued to hear more from her.


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